Security Doors

We carry Isotec safety doors that are a great addition for many financial institutions.

Security Doors

Securing your building each day and managing foot traffic during business hours are essential parts of your routine. At Ken Smith Inc., we know that having the right security doors can make all the difference when it comes to providing a safe and secure environment for your customers, members and employees. In an effort to provide you with innovative technology solutions, we carry Isotec safety doors that are a great addition for financial institutions.

There are a number of reasons why choosing our safety doors at Ken Smith Inc. will provide you with the security solutions you have been looking for. Isotec’s ADAAG & ANSI ATT models:

  • Provide designated anti-terrorism technology as defined by the Department of Homeland Security under the 2002 Safety Act.
  • Are automated safety entrances that are ADAAG and ANSI 117.1 compliant.
  • Provide the option to use two lanes, which offers protection during entering and exiting.
  • Include safety entrances that are ideal for higher foot traffic facilities and provide seamless security.
  • Have anti-retracking technologies built into the system, preventing persons from entering through the exit lane.

Whether you are building a new financial institution or you are updating your facilities with improved security features, you will find that our security doors offer the perfect solution for your needs and requirements.

Contact us at Ken Smith Inc. today for more information about our security doors, teller systems, and interactive teller machines for your facilities. We have been a leading provider of innovative solutions since 1969, and you can trust us for all your technology needs.

Security Doors in North Carolina