What Are Interactive Teller Machines?

Providing financial services remotely is the wave of the future; however, allowing your customers to achieve their financial goals outside of your banking facility can provide some challenges and require some unique strategies. If you are looking for updated solutions for providing a high-quality experience any time your customer goes to the ATM, you may find that interactive teller machines offer so much more than standard ATM equipment.

What are interactive teller machines? They are an ATM-style machine that also offers the opportunity for your customer to interact with a live teller one-on-one through the terminal interface. Your customer can gather cash from the machine just like they would from a standard ATM, but if they have a question and need to speak to a banking associate, they can also engage face-to-face with a financial services employee.

Interactive teller machines offer numerous benefits for financial institutions and customers alike. For example, the customer knows that they can ask banking service-related questions to a live person without visiting a branch location. Likewise, your financial institution can provide personalized service anywhere your interactive teller machines are located. This virtual technology also allows your financial institution to save money on physical banking locations while improving the ability to employ suitable personnel at your place of business.

If you would like to see interactive teller machines in action or have questions about how to update your ATM technology, contact us at Ken Smith Inc. to learn more about this unique financial services technology. We know you and your customers will experience the difference.