Three Key Features You Need on All of Your Security Doors

When you use security doors at your facility, you probably have more than one type or style depending upon the nature of your door and where it leads. For example, your entryway security doors may be different than the security doors that provide access to your vault.

But do your security doors truly provide the access and the protection that you need for your employees and/or your guests at your facility? Here are three key features your security doors should never be without:

  1. Access Control – While having a conventional locking mechanism on your security doors is important, access control is also an essential feature. Not only can you more easily regulate who is coming and going, but you can also more easily access important or secured areas throughout the day.
  2. Dual-Locking Function – Another key feature all security doors should have is a dual-locking function that requires either two people to gain entry or that double locks to ensure maximum security when not in use. This is especially important for personnel-only areas or areas where monetary items are secured.
  3. Alarm Systems – Thirdly, alarm systems are an important part of security doors. While it is important to be alerted to intruders, it is also important to be able to test your security doors for proper function and safety. Alarm systems are a great way to keep your security levels in-check.

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