Three Key Conveniences of ITMs

In today’s world, being able to interact on a virtual interface is becoming more important than ever. If your financial institution is always looking for opportunities to enhance its services while reducing costs, then ITMs (interactive teller machines) may offer just the solutions you are looking for. Here are some of the key conveniences ITMs can provide:

  1. Virtual – Just like your customers would be able to speak with a banking representative over the phone or in-person at a banking location, ITMs provide a virtual approach to personal service. Whether your customer has a basic question or needs in-depth information about their accounts, a virtual banking assistant will be available to assist them.
  2. Teller – If your customer needs to complete a simple banking transaction, this is also available with ITMs. Routine ATM transactions are still a possibility, and the virtual interface is accessible should your customer require it.
  3. Transactions – With ITMs, not only are you offering convenience, but you are also offering the same personalized service that your customers expect despite their being at a remote location. This can make their transactions go more smoothly and help you maintain positive customer experiences with each visit to an interactive teller machine.

If you have questions about ITMs, contact us at Ken Smith Inc. today for more information. With over 50 years of experience serving financial institutions, we believe that you’ll see a big difference in cost, convenience, and security with the addition of our ITMs at one or more of your ATM locations. We look forward to working with you!