Our Interactive Teller Machines Are the Latest Advancement in Banking Products

Providing your customers with the highest level of service is what keeps them coming back to you for their banking needs. If you are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to banking products, then you may have heard of interactive teller machines and what they are doing to change the course of in-person banking.

At Ken Smith Inc., we find that interactive teller machines (ITMs) offer many advantages for both customers and financial institutions when it comes to banking products, so we’ve provided three great benefits of investing in this new technology:

  • Services – Firstly, in terms of banking products, interactive teller machines allow your financial institution to provide the same types of services without reduced personal customer service. With a virtual employee ready on the other end, your customers will still find your bank is accessible when they need you most.
  • Cost Savings – With the ability for your customers to speak with a virtual representative, they may not need to visit a physical branch location as often, meaning you could save significant costs maintaining multiple facilities over time.
  • Locations – Interactive teller machines offer greater flexibility because you can replace your standard ATMs in as many locations as necessary to achieve the best results.

Having the right banking products to meet the needs of your institution and your customers can make all the difference in the way you manage your assets year to year. Contact us at Ken Smith Inc. today for more information about our banking products and services.