Our depositories are a secure, durable and versatile solution for your facility.


Having depositories at your businesses or facility may be one of the ways you provide complete services for your customers while ensuring that your transactions are secure. At Ken Smith Inc., we offer night depositories that meet or exceed all Underwriters Laboratories Inc. requirements, as well as a high-quality solution for your needs.

Our depositories come in two options: bag/envelope and envelope only. Featuring flush-mounted stainless steel fascia, our depositories are secure, durable and versatile solutions for your facility or business. Some of the features of our depositories include:

  • Original depository handles that increase drive-up accessibility.
  • Better balanced manual operation while providing distance for the operator from door closure points.
  • Specially engineered release action mechanisms, virtually eliminating binding and jamming from oversized deposit bags.
  • Under-cowl illumination, providing customers with lighting and heightened area security.

In addition to our traditional depositories, at Ken Smith Inc., we also offer depository chests, which include built-in envelope supply compartments and a convenient writing ledge. Our chest depositories can easily be transformed from a combination envelope/bag drop receptacle to an exclusive key operated depository.

At Ken Smith Inc., we have been providing high-quality solutions for financial institutions, government agencies and commercial businesses since 1969. Whether you need to implement depositories, are looking for cash counters and safes, or you are interested in providing an automatic teller machine for your customers, we have the products and services you require. Contact us today for more information about our depositories for your facility.