Drive-Up Window

Our drive-up windows offer comfort, efficiency and security for your branch.

Drive-Up Window

At Ken Smith Inc., we believe that having an adequate drive-up window can make all the difference during customer interactions. When you are looking for a drive-up window that offers comfort, efficiency and security, we have just the products you need to enjoy greater convenience and improved service at your financial institution.

Our drive-up windows feature a secure and durable deal drawer that makes the visual, interactive and transaction process go well from start to finish. Thanks to increased security features and durable functionality, your employees and customers or members will feel confident when they arrive at your branch. Features of our drive-up window and deal drawer include:

  • 3’ x 5’ drive-up window with 3/16” bullet resistant glass set in a stainless steel frame
  • One built-in window shade lettered “CLOSED”
  • Drawer operates either electrically or manually
  • Drawer includes heater to keep out cold air and humidity
  • Drawer extends up to 18”
  • Underwriters Laboratories Level 1 bullet resistant rating
  • Built-in wind weight
  • Drawer accommodates bulky items with weight capacity in excess of 300 pounds

If you are interested in incorporating a drive-up window at your facility or you would like to improve your current technology, contact us at Ken Smith Inc. today to learn more about our products and services. You may also be interested in our wireless alert and intercom systems, which provide the complete customer engagement experience.