Pneumatic Tubing, Charlotte, NC

KSI offers state-of-the-art options for servicing your customers at the drive-thru.

Pneumatic Tubing in Charlotte, NC
At Ken Smith Inc., we provide a variety of remote systems and options to our valued clients.

  • TransTrax Remote Transaction Unit – This system comes with a full duplex audio system designed specifically for drive-throughs.  It is capable of transporting rolls of coins with ease. This system reduces installation costs because no power is required on the customer island. Additionally, this system uses inexpensive carriers and operates with only four moving parts.
  • TransTrax Captive Carrier System – This system is designed specifically for pharmacies.  Its unique tape drive system allows for all but the very largest prescriptions to be transported to and from customers. This system also features beneficial technological applications, like video and audio for face-to-face interaction, a carrier which can be stopped at varying heights, and solid-state controls.
  • 700 Series Remote Transaction Unit –Made out of durable stainless steel with powder-coated aluminum construction, this pneumatic tubing unit features 4-1/2” tubing that comes with a unique sealing method for high performance. It also comes with dual controls to stop the carrier  high or low.  This allows customers in every make and model of vehicles to comfortably complete their transactions.

For further information about any of our pneumatic tubing options listed above and what we can do to help your organization, please contact us at