Coin Counter

Our coin counter models make the process of counting coins faster, easier and more efficient for your employees.

Coin Counter
If you see a high volume of coins coming and going from your financial institution or retail operation each day, knowing that your employees have to count by hand can slow down your daily operations and your opening and closing procedures, as well as create a lot of frustration. With our coin counter models at Ken Smith Inc., we can make the process of counting coins faster, easier and more efficient, so you can focus on your customers and members.

  • Separator – Sometimes being able to separate your coins in addition to getting an accurate count can be of great benefit. With our basic coin counter models, you can easily have your coins separated, so they are more easily counted and stored.
  • Value Counting – Our higher level coin counter models not only provide excellent features for sorting and counting, but they also include a receipt printer that assists with value counting, so you know exactly how much coinage has been processed in dollars and cents.
  • Self-Service – If you prefer to allow your customers and members to count their own coins, our self-service coin counters are a great option. Not do they allow your customers to see how much they have collected, but these machines also offer roll replacement and receipt alternatives for easier and more efficient monetary transactions.

If you are looking for solutions for your customers or for your daily operations, contact us at Ken Smith Inc. today for more information about our durable and high-performance coin counters for your facility. We also offer interactive teller machines and drive-thru units that will make each day go more smoothly.