About Ken Smith Inc.

At Ken Smith Inc., our interactive teller machines and innovative security tools provide quality solutions for a number of industries.

About Ken Smith Inc.

At Ken Smith Inc., we have been supplying security solutions to financial institutions across the southeast since 1969. No bank or credit union is just like any other, and our solutions are customized to suit your particular needs. We offer the complete package — everything from interactive teller machines to vaults and currency counters — a turnkey operation to eliminate the stress and worry of expansion or providing your customers with the services they need.

Seeing the need for quality security equipment options in other industries, we also provide equipment and security solutions to convenience stores, hospitals, oil companies, grocery stores, and many other commercial and retail venues. By assisting in the selection of optimal products and following through with their installation and service, we provide your business with only the best security tools and customized solutions.

At Ken Smith Inc., we believe it is our obligation to stay on the cutting edge and the changing evolution in electronic security and business technology. By working with only the top manufacturers in the USA, we can offer products that meet the standards set by your institution, staff, regulatory agencies, and the rigid standards of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Because of our strong commitment to this mission, our customers become the beneficiaries of this dedication.

As a leading security and equipment provider, we combine state-of-the-art technology with our years of experience to provide a recommendation tailored to your needs and budget. With security and financial equipment that pays for itself in value, you can rely on us for all your security and equipment needs. It’s time you let us protect your investment. Security. Equipment. Solutions. Since 1969.