Ken Smith Inc. Posted by Ken Smith, Inc. June 3rd, 2020

Banking Products

We have been a leading supplier of banking products since 1969.

Security Products

Some of the security products we offer include alarm systems, video surveillance equipment, and security doors.

Home Security Systems

Not only do we serve the banking industry, but we provide unmatched security for your home as well!

Interactive Teller Machines for Uniquely Personal Service

At Ken Smith Inc., we have been providing security, equipment and solutions for a variety of industries since 1969. We take our commitment to excellence and the highest standards of quality very seriously. By constantly maintaining the latest technology and using innovative strategies to help businesses, agencies and corporations incorporate the best solutions for their unique needs, we are able to offer a full line of products and services across the Southeast.
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Our interactive teller machines enable creative new branch network distribution.


We offer a complete line of automated teller machines to suit nearly any situation.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance technology provides innovative and unique solutions for your facilities.

Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems are adaptable and can build upon your current and future technology needs.

Currency Counter

Our currency counters will help you improve your daily operations.


Our vaults provide ideal security and safety solutions for a variety of industries.

Night Depositories

Our depositories are a secure, durable and versatile solution for your facility.

Cash Recyclers

Our cash recycler can help you reduce customer wait times and increase productivity.

Interactive teller machines are just one of many innovative solutions we offer for businesses.

At Ken Smith Inc., we are ready to assist you in the selection, installation and servicing of the products that will best meet your needs and help you provide the quality customer experience you aim to achieve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.
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